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Pupil Premium

See information below regarding our Pupil Premium.


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Our Pupil Premium Report  click to read our report for 2016-2017.


          Brompton and Sawdon Community Primary School.   

Pupil Premium Planned Spending 2017 - 2018.

Pupil premium payments are allocated to local authorities and schools with pupils that meet certain criteria. Free School meals being one of them.

Whilst we have the freedom to spend this additional money, which is addition to the school budget in a way we think will best address inequalities, tackle disadvantage and support the raising of attainment for the identified children in our school. We do this with discretion and in confidence.

As a result, the impact figures will always seek to avoid immediate identification of identifiable individuals within the school – this will appear when this Pupil Premium spend is reviewed in the Summer term

Total Funding 2017- 2018  - £17,580. 13 pupils    19% of the school roll.

Use of funding

Proposed Spending


Additional TA within school for identified group. 4 pupils in class- additional intervention time also being included this year and more hours included to support children in their learning.


To extend learning and provide more support for identified learners.

Greater personalisation of learning. Diminished differences in learning.

HLTA Support for learners.

Additional hours to provide targeted interventions. 6 Pupils in class


To enable greater personalisation in support of identified learners. Provision of ‘Brompton boost’ to support learning. Diminished differences in learning.

Provision of sensory and social/ emotional support through outdoor learning experiences.

Closing the gap project – additional funding through STA.


To break down the barriers to learning and to develop personal confidence, resilience and to recognise their strengths and personal goals.

Curriculum enhancement- French and Music specialists employed to deliver quality input for all pupils and especially those


Ensure a broad and balanced curriculum is enjoyed by pupils in school.


After School Club provision for children.

£ 600


Additional funding also from PE budget

To enable children to access after school clubs that offer different opportunities Clubs on offer 5 nights a week.

Gardening Club, Talent Club, Art club, Film Club, Golf Club and Friday Sports Club.

This will be next reviewed in July 2018

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