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School Governors

Governors are appointed to help make decisions on how the school is run.

They meet at least once a term and many times more in committees. 


Parent Representatives: Mrs Claire Saraj  
  Sarah Medd  
Headteacher: Mr O Cooper  
Staff Governor: Miss M Watts  
LA Governor: Vacant  
Co-opted Governors: Mr E Dalby (Vice Chair of Governors)
  Mr B. Ford (Chair of Governors)
Clerk to the Governors: Ms D Jureczcko  



For the Governor Business Interest Declaration and Governor attendance  see below

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                                   Governor attendance at Full Governing Body meetings 2019-

                                    Brompton and Sawdon Community Primary School







Mrs Hannah Wallace (Resigned)






Ms Claire Saraj





Mr Bill Ford






Ms Megan Watts





Mr Oliver Cooper





Mrs Theresa Hargreaves (Resigned)






Ms Julie Bancroft (Resigned)






Mrs Sarah Medd






Mr John Short (Resigned)


Mr Ed Dalby



All Governors have indicated that there is no conflict of business interest in any of their positions as School Governors and their own work. They confirm so at the start of every meeting.


2019-2020  Formation of Governor responsibilities


The following governors were appointed to the committees:


  • Finance/Resources: Sarah Medd, Oliver Cooper, Bill Ford & Theresa Hargreaves (Associate member) with support of NYCC bursar (Joanne Jackson)
  • School Improvement Committee: Ed Dalby, Claire Saraj, Oliver Cooper & Bill Ford


The membership will be reviewed once the vacancies on the Governing Body have been filled.

The following Governors also have responsibility for the following areas of School Development:

– Safeguarding (incl. Health & Safety): Mr Bill Ford

– English

– Maths

– SEND & Disadvantaged Learners

– Wider Curriculum


Specific Subject Leaders present to the full Governing body at appropriate times of the year.

Pupil progress reviews and updates are included in the Headteacher's report for each Full meeting of the Governing Body.


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