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Class 1 Activities

Visits from Superheros

Van Gogh - Starry starry night 

Flamingo Land Zoo

Why are flamingos pink?

Class 1 wanted to find out why flamingos are born grey and turn pink. We made some predictions and thought that "because they are girls" or maybe "because they come from Flamingo Land". 

We decided to put celery sticks in food colouring and observed the changes over time. 

The celery began to change colour! We found out that flamingos turn pink because of the food they eat. Over time, the pigment found in shrimp changes the colour of their feathers!


We even had time to watch the colour walk between the cups - it made a secondary colour in the middle! 

Children in Need 

Star Dome

"We're going on a star hunt, we're going in to the solar system! What a beautful galaxy, we're not scared!"

Crazy Hair for St Catherine's Care 

Happy Halloween!

Over the last few weeks, we have been immersed in the story Pumpkin Soup. Making soup and tasting soup has led to plenty of imagintive story telling in our role play kitchen. We ended our half term with a halloween party!


Harvest Festival - Friday 19th October

We have been learning about the story Pumpkin Soup. We decided we would like to share this with our family and friends during our Harvest Celebration. We dressed up as the characters and some of the children helped to narrate the story so that everyone in church could hear. 

We brought our donations of food to the church so that we could give them to the Rainbow Centre. 

Being in the Forest - Term 1

​STEM - Who can make the best bubble?

We gave ourselves the challenge of creating the best bubble - but what is the 'best' bubble? The children had to create their own bubble mixture using lots of ingredients. Here is the sticky, bubbly fun we had! 

​Forest School - Shelter building

Taking care of our village

Every week during Forest Schools we like to check on the wildlife in our beautiful village. We take time quietly watching the ducklings with their mothers. We made sure the swan was sitting on her nest and we even found lots of living things making the stream their cosy habitat. 


Real superheroes came to visit us and told us about all the things they do to protect our community. 

Celebrating our end of term achievements

Springwatch in Class 1


The snow couldn't stop us coming to school! 

World Book Day

We had a fantastic time celebrating World Book Day! There were lots of imaginative costumes, and plenty of opportunites for peer reading with the children in Class 2 and 3. 



Stick Insects

​We have been looking after two little critters this week. The children have been fantastic at handling our stick insects with great care and find their mehods of camouflage highly amusing!

Fossil Jelly

Class 1 are exploring how fossils are made. We have begun an experiment to help us look at how the layers of the earth have formed over time. We predict that our 'oldest fossils' will be in the bottom layer of Jelly when we have completed the experiment!

​Class 1 have been working hard to make sure our eggs are protected. They have spent a great deal of time at home creating warning signs to make sure the other children do not disturb our eggs!


​Brompton Residents Beware!

​Today we found a large nest in our outdoor area! Shortly after we also found multiple footprints.

After some further exploration and long discussions with our classroom paleontologists, we believe these belong to a large reptile - possibly a DINOSAUR!

We urge you not to panic. We have spoken to local farmers and they report that all their livestock is safe and well, further suggesting we may have a herbivore on our hands. 


If you have anything to report, please do not hesitate to contact ypur local paleontologists in Class 1 at Brompton and Sawdon CP School. 


Celebrating our readers!

Well done to all of the children in Class 1 who recieved an award for their commitment to reading every day. As Mr Logue says - "the best way to learn to read...is to read!"

Autumn in our forest 

Our forest is changing and we have been finding lots of signs that Autumn is upon us! We like to explore the forest with our senses. Here are some of the things we can see, feel, hear, smell and even taste (foraging for blackberries is fun!) 

Goldilocks breaks into Class 1!!!

I'm sure the news has already spread, however I would just like toinform you all of a break in that we had during the early hours of this morning. The police were called and have cordoned off the crime scene.They have bagged the evidence and Mr Logue has been down at the police station this morning giving a statement.

I will update you as the investigation continues

Miss Watts

Summer in Class 1

Falling Foss Trip 



East Lodge Farm Trip


Spring in Class 1


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